Meri Amber

Nutball Musician Human ❤️
Score: 0 Lives: 4

Introduction ('Til The Aliens Came)

Time to sleep, or, are you waking up?

(In order of appearance)
Sister of mine, mother of mine
Sontar-huh, sontar-huh, sontar-huh, sontar-huh
Moisturise Me! Moisturise Me!
Are you my mummy, are you my mummy?
Information, Information
You will be assimilated, assimilated
Don’t don’t don’t blink no, don’t don’t don’t blink
E-e-e-exterminate, e-e-e-exterminate
You are the weakest link
You should kill us all on sight
Burn with me
The fat just walks away, just walks away that’s what it does, the fat just walks away
Count the shadows

Through crimson stars and silent stars and tumbling nebulas like oceans set on fire
Through empires of glass and civilizations of pure thought
And a whole terrible, wonderful universe of possibilities
You see these eyes, they’re old eyes and one thing I can tell you
Monsters are real

Nothing was strange at all
All of the world carried on
Things fell as they should fall
Time went as time goes, on and on and on
It was fine all fine until
The aliens came